Auto EV India 2023 opens the window for newest technologies in EV and Automotive space

Auto EV India 2023 opens the window for newest technologies in EV and Automotive space

Auto EV India 2023, an EV and Automotive Technology Exhibition, will once again be presenting themselves in Bangalore from 2 to 4 November 2023. The companies from all around the world will showcase their latest products and technologies in the space of Semiconductor and components, battery and Charger, Parts and Material and Testing space for EV and Automotive industry.
Manufacturers of innovative products/technology will present their solutions from product design to manufacturing processes.
Six months before the fair opens, around 100 exhibitors have already announced their intention to take part. 250 technology companies are targeted to exhibit this year.
“After the successful first edition, we are now collecting the entire ecosystem of EV and Automotive world under one roof. The exhibition is an excellent opportunity for OEMs and Auto makers to source the latest technologies available anywhere in the world”, says Shailesh Shukla, Director of Auto EV India.
With a view to the two sections of the innovation show, Shailesh continues: “We have two sections of the event – pre sales and post sales. Pre-sales comprises the technologies showcase on components, battery, chargers, parts, materials and testing, on the post sales that is called ‘Aftermarket’ comprises accessories and customizing, body and paint, wash and care, dealer and workshop-Management, diagnostics and repair, electronics and connectivity, parts and components, tires and wheels”.
“We welcome many renowned manufacturers on board. Among them are many international companies from the countries like – Japan, Korea, USA, UK, Taiwan, Germany and China. R&D, Start-ups and other renowned Indian companies are exhibiting in great numbers. It is particularly encouraging here that the key exhibitors from the first edition have again registered the areas. Such solidarity reflects their confidence in the organization”, says Shailesh Shukla.
“The broad support makes us all optimistic. We are sure that this time as well we would be able to bring the best technologies from all around the world for Automakers to choose from”, says Shailesh Shukla.
The live conferences offer the chance to experience the windows of trend, market and innovations with all your senses. There will be exciting lectures and panel discussion rounds on diverse subjects of eMobility and automotive fields.

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