Uno Minda brings Clarton’s premium C80 trumpet horn with European Technology to the Indian aftermarket

~ The range is one of the most premium horns available in the Indian aftermarket and is compatible with almost every car manufactured in India~

The Indian automotive industry has ushered into a new era with customers now demanding more premium products from automobile manufacturers, considering owning a car is not only necessary. It’s a style statement, a part of their personality, for which people have started paying attention to the minutest detailing. The recent trend highlights that consumers are ready to spend extra money on their cars but these changes are not limited to the interiors or exterior upgrades anymore. The consumers are exploring beyond such as changing their reliable disc horns with sweet-sounding trumpet horns. The problem is that many horn manufacturers sell trumpet horns, but most of them are horns that usually don’t sound like a premium trumpet horn.

But now, Uno Minda, a leading Tier 1 supplier of Proprietary Automotive Solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), in its latest product offering in the Indian aftermarket has unveiled a premium range of trumpet horns, named C80, which is designed for every car owners who are looking to replace their standard horns with superior sound quality ones, to give their cars an enhanced personality.

The technology of Uno Minda C80 premium car horn comes from the company’s acquisition of Clarton Horn, Spain, which makes it the second largest horn manufacturer and OEM supplier globally. Uno Minda has brought the signature product of Clarton to India, whose sound is similar to the majestic & soothing horn sound of premium segment cars, the quality of which has been very well accepted among luxury car owners. Uno Minda saw a genuine demand for this type of horn among Indian consumers and decided to make this premium trumpet horn available in the Indian aftermarket.

This trumpet horn promises a potent performance with an 80-millimeter diameter and a robust sound output exceeding 105 decibels. Operating on a 12-volt power supply, the C80 horn requires a shallow current of 3.5A to give such a powerful yet pleasant sound. Its compact design ensures its compatibility with various vehicles, from hatchbacks to luxury models. Renowned global premium OEMs such as BMW, Mercedes, and Rolls Royce favor these horns, underscoring their exceptional quality and immense potential.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Anand Kumar, Head of Product & Strategy, in the Aftermarket Uno Minda Ltd., said” There is an ongoing trend where the cars now evoke emotions, and owners seek top-notch aftermarket products to enhance their driving experience. Recognizing a growing demand for high-quality horns that ensure safety and add personality to vehicles, Uno Minda embarked on a mission to redefine the role of horns on the road, through the introduction of C80. With its compact and lightweight design, coupled with premium sound quality, the C80 promises to elevate the driving experience with its distinct tone. We are confident that this horn would become a sought-after horn for car enthusiasts, leaving a lasting impression on the market.”

The C80 vehicle Horn represents Uno Minda’s unwavering commitment to on-road safety and consumer satisfaction. Extensive market research has shaped its design and functionality, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. Rigorous testing, including 100,000 cycles of environmental simulations, guarantees durability and performance in any condition. Moreover, its low current consumption of 3.5 amps ensures seamless integration with any vehicle’s electrical system, without causing strain.

Furthermore, the premium packaging, equipped with a lock-and-tear feature to prevent counterfeiting, underscores Uno Minda’s focus on delivering a secure and authentic customer experience. Additionally, its universal fit ensures effortless installation in any car model, thereby enhancing its accessibility for everyone.

Uno Minda’s Ultimo C80 premium trumpet horn comes with a one-year warranty. Priced competitively, the C 80 premium car horn is priced at MRP 1080 INR and is available at all the leading online and offline retail stores including UnoMinda Kart, Amazon, and Flipkart.

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