2022 Deming Awards Announced

Deming Awards 2022

L. Ganesh


The Deming Prize for Individuals for 2022

1. The Deming Distinguished Service Award for Dissemination and Promotion (Overseas)

Mr. Ganesh Lakshminarayan (India)
Chairman – Rane Group

The Deming Prize Committee has announced this year’s winners. The Deming Prize Award Ceremony will take place at KEIDANREN KAIKAN on Monday, November 14, 2022 from 16:40 to 17:40. Due to prevention of COVID-19, the ceremony this year will be carried out only with invitees of parties concerned.

The Winners Presentation by this year’s award winners will be held from 13:00 at the same venue.

The Award Ceremony and the Winners Presentations will be live broadcasted online.

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