Ola launches Move OS 2 for 50,000+ customers

Ola launches Move OS 2 for 50,000+ customers

Hosts all its customers at the Ola Future factory- the world’s largest and most advanced 2W factory.
Move OS 2 will make Ola S1 Pro even better with greater convenience, enhanced accessibility and, quite simply, sheer riding pleasure.
Celebrating its revolutionary customers who have played a critical role in accelerating the adoption of EVs in India. Ola launched the much awaited Move OS 2 for all its customers at the Ola Future factory. With this, over 50,000 Ola S1 Pro customers across the country will get an over-the-air (OTA) update making their scooter the most advanced and feature-rich 2W in the country.

With the software update, Ola S1 Pro will offer greater convenience, enhanced accessibility and, quite simply, sheer riding pleasure. The Move OS 2 update also promises bug fixes that were previously found in isolated instances such as range drop, battery discharge and other minor areas,

Here’s a quick overview of all the new features on the Ola S1 Pro with the Move OS 2 software update::

Now riders can access their scooters remotely with the Ola Electric Companion app. Lock, unlock and open the boot of the scooter with a touch of a button. That’s not all, customers can access important vehicle metrics real-time such as charge status, range across modes, odometer reading and software version among others on the app
From ‘Bijlee Bijlee’ to ‘Ooo ante aa mama’, Move OS 2 adds fun to the rides with the Music Playback feature, allowing riders to pair their phones with scooters via bluetooth and enjoy their favorite tunes on the go or while camping at their favourite beach
Ola Electric’s all-new Eco mode, with an industry leading range of 165 kms per charge will definitely put range anxiety to rest. Thanks to the Eco Mode, over 100 customers have already achieved a range of over 200 kms in a single charge, again, an industry first!
Constant twisting of the throttle is now a thing of the past! Introducing the new Cruise Control feature, a feature mostly premium 4Ws have. S1 Pro riders can now maintain a steady speed anywhere between 20 kmph to 80 kmph on congestion free routes. This feature can be activated at any of the modes (except Eco), offering more comfort and ensuring a smoother ride experience
Want to explore newer routes like a pro? This is possible with the new Navigation feature. Riders can now enable turn-by-turn navigation support & live route map on the HMI of the scooter, ensuring that they reach their selected destinations faster. In some cases, seamless usage of this feature might require a hardware upgrade to fix the GPS antenna for a smoother and enhanced navigation experience for a few customers. Should any S1 Pro owner face this issue, they can initiate a voluntary upgrade request to resolve the concern.
Ola celebrated the public roll-out of Move OS 2 with its customers for the first time ever at its Future factory, making it an experience to remember. Thousands of customers came together to make the journey towards #EndICEage even more stronger. Ola also felicitated S1 Pro owners who achieved the incredible milestone of crossing 200 Kms on their Ola S1 Pros in a single charge. About 100 winners of the challenge went home with the limited edition ‘Gerua’ S1 Pro scooters.

Launched on August 15th last year, the S1 Pro has impressed customers with its design, performance and technology on board. Within 10 months of launch, Ola Electric has more than 50,000 scooters on road which have been ridden cumulatively for 45 million kms. Available in 10 unique colors, and an additional special “Gerua” color, the S1 Pro is being manufactured at the Ola Future factory, the world’s largest and most advanced 2W factory.

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